Review: 1945 Richebourg

I received this bottle from my grandfather as a gift. He was under the assumption that it “was probably cooked.” The label says ‘Gabriel Corrol Richebourg’ and then in small print it lists Gabriel Corrol as the Negociant. Not sure who made the wine, all I know is it’s war wine, and from Richebourg. Delicious Grand Cru Burgundy. I’m glad he has a few more still.

I grilled some chicken and asparagus. Little bit of cajun seasoning my father in law blended himself. Attempted to pull the cork with ah-so. A hard fungusy-crust all on top of the cork, it took me a second to pick my spot. I started to wiggle the ah-so along one side, got it down just far enough for the 2nd metal prong. The slightest bit of pressure, and POP! Right into the bottle the cork goes. Sigh. Why am I so bad at this?

Poured the wine through a coffee filter into a decanter, started drinking about 5-10 minutes after it all made it’s way through. This is a¬†pretty incredible wine. Light amber color. The legs are pretty fast. Little bit of petrol on the nose, but mostly strawberries, raisins, vanilla, lavender, and orange blossom. Swirled a few more times, picked up a few sour berry notes, a wee bit of caramel. Took my first sip: Ripe strawberries, light black tea, a little cranberry, raisin, vanilla, orange blossom, rose, and honeysuckle. A spicy mid-pallet jumps in, with cinnamon, lavender, and a tinge of clove. Lavender, butterscotch, and honey on the finish, with that spicy tinge that hangs on the tongue. Finish lasted a good 40 seconds.

I was really surprised by this wine. I don’t know that much about Burgundies (another post for sure) but the few old burgundies that I’ve had have all been DOA. Acidic, hard to drink, obviously not built for the long haul. This must have been built pretty damn well for aging, because this could have possibly gone even longer. Considering it’s a 375, and it’s only a 65 year old Pinot¬†Noir, that’s saying a lot.

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