Swallowed: ’52 Burgundy & ’82 Rioja


Opening a 1952 anything should be a pretty special treat. Unfortunately, after opening two bottles of 1952 Joseph Drouhin Clos Vougeot, one as an experiement and one with very high hopes for greatness, we were left pretty dejected. Gold amber colors and subtle yet slightly captivating smells only served to mask what has become a lifeless, completely dead wine.

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Review: 2003 Gravner Breg

Tasked with presenting an ‘interesting or unique’ wine to my grandfather, I settled on the 2003 Gravner Breg. This was my first foray into ‘natural’ wines, which in essence are wines made like they were 2000 years ago in roman days (and possibly even earlier, ala the ancient middle east). This wine was made up of 4 different white grapes, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Pinot Grigio, all mashed up together and thrown into a clay anfore (a kind of clay pot)┬álined with beeswax. Initial maceration is done for 6 months, then the grapes are pressed and transfered to giant oak casks. No added yeast, only natural yeast. Racked once a year. The wine is orange.

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Review: 1945 Richebourg

I received this bottle from my grandfather as a gift. He was under the assumption that it “was probably cooked.” The label says ‘Gabriel Corrol Richebourg’ and then in small print it lists Gabriel Corrol as the Negociant. Not sure who made the wine, all I know is it’s war wine, and from Richebourg. Delicious Grand Cru Burgundy. I’m glad he has a few more still.

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